The lottery ticket

It is unfortunate that fools mistake their luck for skill; their vanity somehow blinds them from recognizing reality.

A black box, with its obscure black magic, publishes numbers which seem to make less and less sense every passing year. While many people have many wise things to say about it on facebook almost all completely miss the point. So when SRCC proclaims its admission criteria to be one hundred percent to the world, all i wonder is why isn’t the senselessness of this system apparent to the people part of it?

Let me begin by expressing my ode to my alma mater: the Shri Ram College of Commerce. With deep gratitude I can proclaim in all my kindness that India’s best commerce institute does not even come close to an average institution internationally. As for the brilliant minds that grace this college with their presence, the quest at its best is for the unattainable investment banking career for which moral fibers are more than strained, accomplishments are conjured out of thin air or better still: every action is directed in a cold, calculated pursuit of how it would look on a resume.

My resentment directed solely at my old college though is not completely justified. It is after all part of a glorious system and though I can describe this system in intricate detail, I limit my affection to the foundation of this structure. Our educational Institutes excel at rewarding conformity, the submission of any form of productive thought to the rote of a percentage. Five exams seal a destiny and this destiny has more to do with absolute blind luck than the effort, intelligence or brilliance that individuals rewarded by it suddenly see in themselves. I am so sure of my claims because contrary to what you might expect I have been rewarded in my compliance and pursuit for marks in every possible way.

The very first step towards change is in the identification of a flaw. And though I am not naive enough to expect overnight change, there is something terribly wrong in our formal pursuit for knowledge.

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  1. Absolutely,such an issue of hype and hubris.And also such a strategy in irony.

  2. Vinayak,

    I completely agree with you on almost everything you said.

    The only small positive point I would want to add is that education obtained from an institution is not just restricted to what the system establishes and what the teachers convey in class, but from one’s daily interactions with the new people one meets everyday. SRCC’s strength lies in the diversity of its students. True, I can’t really comment much on how much I’ve learnt (in terms of raw knowledge) in an institution like SRCC, but what I take from my college experience is the friendships I’ve made with people from all walks of life( something not possible in my ultra-elitist school). I think this has helped me in being a more adaptable, broad minded person; skills which would possibly not help in the corporate world but will definitely help in me later in life.

    I’m guessing neither the administration, nor the system even realise that they unintentionally mould such skills !

    Having said all that, the 100% cut off is a complete joke. More attention seeking (again another SRCC trait) than anything , it does nothing but to serve as a pseudo ego boost for people who have been associated with the college. I wish them all the happiness in life and the investment banking jobs without which life would seem rather pointless.

  3. Vins,

    As usual, superbly well written :). And as much as I agree with what all you’ve written, I also agree with what Neel says!

    It is not just what the teachers/ classes teach you in SRCC, its beyond all of that and what you can take from it. The people (students) is what makes the college what it is…! And the kind of students that SRCC attracts just by virtue of having these crazy cut-offs are super brains/ really talented/ naturally brilliant/ some really really hard working people from all over the country.. This being the case, as an individual, being in SRCC you get to challenge yourself a lot more than you would have if you were in a school where there was no pressure, you were a free bird, because the competition is what makes you grow as a person..

    In some way, I think, that spirit in the college, also helped me and opened my eyes, to what lies ahead!;)

    Oh! And the 100 percent cut-off, well.. That’s just soooo hyped! Even in our year, the cut-off in that sense went up to 99 per cent.. Its for science students for gods sake! And frankly, doing the course, I really believe that if they want to attract onlyyyyy exceptional science students/ no science students for a commerce course, its fine!! The kind of accounting background u require in all three years, its very toughhhh for someone to get comfortable with it in a few months as compared to commerce students who have been doing it since 2 years in school!

    Its like if you had someone from arts/ commerce, wanting to do a physics/ chemistry in a DU college where the cut-offs for science students is only 94-95, obviously the cut-offs for arts/ commerce would be a bar higher!

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